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Welcome to what is the start of a journey into the fascinating world of fascia. Please be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page before reading any further. This home page shares a quick introduction into the purpose of this website, and a minor introduction into the topic of fascia. When looking for a more detailed explanation of what the fascia is and how it functions, simply move on to the physiology page, where you will learn about the different layers and what it is composed of. But before this, take a look at the embryology section to find out how the fascia comes into existence. And why not test your current knowledge by taking our quiz before you begin your journey: FASCIA INFO QUIZ-A

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Once you have a understanding of what the fascia is, move onto how to treat it under the fascial manipulation therapies page. Here you will find several different therapies that affect the fascia on different levels. You might wonder which of these therapies works best; which gives the most benefits and improvements functionally? Comparing cost effectiveness, and long or short term effect. We would say read and find out. Further there is also a patient case page to help you get your clinical reasoning skills into action. Then on the conclusion page you will find an objective discussion regarding previous mentioned topics. If you are more interested in the in depth discussion about our findings, please go to our article attached in the sub-heading and read it, or for a brief overview feel free to click on the an evidence based approach page to see how we researched the topic to bring you the most evidence based information. After this there is the quiz again that you can complete to test how much you have learned. And last but not least there is a courses given in fascial therapy page, linking you to pages of actual classes and courses which will further your education in the treatments talked about in this webpage. So without further ado, learn away.

***Please be aware that all footage on this site has been acquired by us. We have travelled to the different professionals in their field to attain the footage seen in this website for educational purposes. The physiology footage was obtained in the dissection room of the A.M.C. hospital in the Netherlands. This footage is quite graphic, both pictures and videos. Please note that it is not necessary to view the videos as it is described in the text as well. It is simply a visual aid to help understand what the fascia looks like and how it moves.